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Odes & Offerings Show

Art and Poetry

I was selected to create a new piece of work for the lovely show Odes and Offerings. I was partnered with the poet Michelle Holland and I chose her poem "Daughters in Winter".

“Odes and Offerings”
A Collaborative Exhibit of Poetry and the Visual Arts
As Envisioned by the City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Joan Logghe

Grand Opening, Friday, March 23, 2012 5-7 pm

The City of Santa Fe Community Gallery announces “Odes and Offerings” is an exhibition in collaboration with City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Joan Logghe. This exhibit offers a rare opportunity for local artists working in all media to create original works that incorporate the written work of a local, New Mexico poet.

As a function of the exhibit, The Community Gallery invited artists who were interested in the collaboration of their visual medium with the written word. All selected artists were partnered with a local poet and given two works from that poets’ collection of poetry. Artists were then asked to choose a line, phrase, stanza or the entire poem to incorporate into their final piece. "The idea is not a poetry inspired piece, but a piece where the text becomes part of the work of art," states Logghe. "As my final project as poet laureate, I had the idea to invite poets and visual artists to see what happened if the poets' words were part of the work of art. In this city of so many poets, it was a chance for the public to get to know poetry more intimately, and for the poets to meet the visual arts.  In some sense a true collaboration, in others, an inspiration cross-media," Logghe continues.