Eight Movements

An experimental documentary about movement by Melanie West and Geoff Marslett. This documentary was shot entirely on Super 8 film. The film features family, friends, artists and interesting folks, as well as atmospheric (and driving) music by Joe West and Howe Gelb.

Eight Movements is an experimental documentary both in form and content. Rather than presenting a person or an event, it focuses on an idea. Movement is the force within choices, changes, and the creative spark of self. Flickering Super 8 film and engaging musical accompaniments enhance the journeys from sub-atomic chemical reactions to personal addiction; from female artistic expression to railroad expansion into a West filled with the smoke of human error. Like a song, each piece is unique but linked to the bittersweet and hopeful reality of movement.

Eight Movements is a film which was created over the course of five years. During that time some portions of the film screened on their own at a few festivals and garnered their own recognition before the entire project was completed.

Anima Flight was directed, shot and edited by Melanie West in 1998. It is 4 minutes long and shot on black and white super 8 film.
Anima Flight features the beauty of motion and dance on the trapeze and the feminine creative awakening.
It appeared in the Cinemaker Co-Op Super8 festival entitled Fast, Cheap, and Out of Focus in August of 1998.

Elixer was directed, shot and edited by Melanie West in 1998. It is 4minutes long and was shot on black and white super 8 film.
Written by and starring Mike McAtee.
Music by Joe West.
Elixer is the moving story of a man's introduction to and escape from alcohol addiction.
It screened at Cinemaker Co-Op in December of 1998 as part of Cold Turkey.

JUMP was filmed in 1999.
Women of all ages enjoy themselves jumping rope in a brilliantly green Texas field and it explores being present in our bodies and yet transcending them. Ideally we remain our present, joyous selves regardless of age and we can remember the delight of being a child. The original film was cut, spliced, and colored on by hand. The end result is a colorful scene set to a multilayered soundtrack of musical samples and a five year old girl making up songs. It is around 4 minutes long and shot on color super 8 film.
JUMP screened at CinemaTexas in 1999 and in November 2001 at Exploding Cinema presents "All My Excesses Live In Texas" in London, England.

ArtCar is 3 minutes long and was shot on color super 8 film in 1999.
It is an experimental documentary about the Art Car parade in Houston, Texas. ArtCar combines colorful images of the whimsical cars in the parade with a sound montage from an interview with three women who have participated with art cars. Topics ranging from why they built their cars to how people react to them to what it's like being a woman artist weave in and out in sound bites while the cars drive past.
It screened in August 2000 as part of the Cinemaker Co-Op's documentary festival.
It is also featured on their 2000 best of tape (Splice of Life).

Anima Flight, JUMP, and ArtCar screened together as the 12 minute film Three Poems at the Cinema Texas Film festival in 2000.

22 minutes 59 seconds

Eight Movements has screened on The Austin Music Network, Ladyfest Texas 2003, Rural Route Film Fest 2003, Flicker #13 in 2003 and Film Fest New Haven 2005.