The World Feels Dusty

This film by Melanie West explores a woman's creativity, the power of water in the high desert and searching for personal release. Emily Dickinson's poem, with arrangement by Aaron Copland, is sung by the young opera singer Eleanor Ranney. Melanie grew up in New Mexico on Sweetwater Ranch and this film was shot nearby at the Ranney home.

--The world feels dusty

The world feels dusty,
when we stop to die
We want the dew then
Honors taste dry.

Flags vex a dying face
But the least fan...
stirred by a friend's hand
Cools like the rain

Mine be the ministry
when thy thirst comes
Dews of thy-self to fetch
and holy balms

3 minutes 10 seconds
black and white Super 8 and video

Santa Fe Film Festival 2003, SWAMP screening at FotoFest 2004, Ladyfest 2004, Dallas Video Fest 2004, Rural Route Film Festival 2004 and
National Association for Poetry Therapy 25th Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO. May 2005.