Odes & Offerings Show

Art and Poetry

I was selected to create a new piece of work for the lovely show Odes and Offerings. I was partnered with the poet Michelle Holland and I chose her poem "Daughters in Winter".

“Odes and Offerings”
A Collaborative Exhibit of Poetry and the Visual Arts
As Envisioned by the City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Joan Logghe

Grand Opening, Friday, March 23, 2012 5-7 pm

The City of Santa Fe Community Gallery announces “Odes and Offerings” is an exhibition in collaboration with City of Santa Fe Poet Laureate, Joan Logghe. This exhibit offers a rare opportunity for local artists working in all media to create original works that incorporate the written work of a local, New Mexico poet.

All selected artists were partnered with a local poet and given two works from that poets’ collection of poetry. Artists were then asked to choose a line, phrase, stanza or the entire poem to incorporate into their final piece. "The idea is not a poetry inspired piece, but a piece where the text becomes part of the work of art," states Logghe.